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Cd Reviews

A Tragedy In Progress - “Mechanical Weather”

This cd is pretty good.  I have always liked their clean vocals a lot.  I do think his lyrics have gotten better but I prefer Across Five April’s cds more than this cd.  I am not saying this one isn’t good but they have done better.  I know it’s all because they have grown up I guess.  I give this cd a 8.9/10.  For fans of Across Five Aprils, In League, Where The Ocean Meets The Sky.

The Chariot - “One Wing”

I don’t think this is The Chariot’s best work.  However, there are a lot of stand out tracks on this album.  They tried to do a lot of different things on this cd.  I give this cd a 4/5.  For fans of Norma Jean, Dead In The Dirt, and Converge.

As Artifacts - “Strong Hands”

These guys have been stepping it up.  The recording is really good.  A lot of catchy songs.  WE need more bands with keyboards again.  I am glad to see they have them, and not programmed ones.  Not to mention the cd art is cool.  And the song titles are really funny and cool.  I give this cd a 9/10.  For fans of Attack Attack!, Within Wolves, and Camisado.

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